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Your baby is screaming.  Where is that toy? Where is that pacifier? Where is that bottle or sippy cup? Did it fall on the floor or is it somewhere in the stroller? If only you could find it when your baby (and you) need it the most...if only it was clean when your baby (and you) need it the most...

Being a parent means keeping our baby happy and secure and to do so we need to keep their toys, pacifiers, bottles, sippy cups and all other items that go in their mouths sanitary and at arms' reach. That's where Michal Prevor, mother of two, and Irit Maor, mother of three, bring fashionable and practical solutions.

Seasoned by the experience of trying all the toy, pacifier, bottle and sippy cup holders on the American and foreign markets, stylistically influenced by the flavors and colors of an international upbringing, and determined to stop searching for whatever their baby needs RIGHT NOW, Michal and Irit created Toy Sitters, Paci Sitters, Bottle Sitters and Sippy Sitters that are as practical as they are stylish.

Their adorable and super practical Sitters are individually crafted with your sweet baby in mind.  They can hold almost all toys, pacifiers, bottles & sippy cups and attach to any outfit, stroller, car seat, carrier, high chair or material.  These Sitters come in trendy, modern and matching fabrics that will compliment your baby's outfits. Don't worry - your baby will still be the cutest thing ever!!!